Construction of swimming pools

If you have enough space in the garden, you can fulfill your dream and take a pool in the garden. Self-help pool construction is demanding and includes many tasks, including pool preparation and base plates. If you are not sure you can do it, you can order a pool on the key. 
Construction of the pool - is the building permit required? 
Whether you need building permission depends on the size of the pool. If you have a built-up area of ​​up to 40 m2, then your consent will be sufficient. For a larger pool, you must have a building permit as well as a family house or other larger building. Building permits are not required for overground pools, which you simply store and store at any time. 

Construction of swimming pools in 11 steps

1) Substrate preparation
2) Earth excavation
3) Making a concrete slab
4) Concrete
5) Building the pool walls
6) Plastering the walls
7) Placing the foil
8) Installation of the technique and swimming pool
9) Pooling the pool area with soil
10) Filling with water
11) Treating terrain (treasure treasure)
The construction of swimming pools requires precision and precision, the swimming pool must not be bent or distorted. You can easily destroy the badly laid pool. It is therefore better to contact professionals with whom you write a work contract that defines the scope of work, the delivery date and the resulting price. Within a few days you can have a pool available. 
Choose a swimming pool from the company that makes the pool, help you choose the material and size of the pool. Appropriate parameters will save you a lot of worries. The pool should be placed in a sunny location, ideally close to the entrance of the house. You can swim into the ground by swimming pools made of metal, stainless steel, laminate, ceramic and concrete pools. Select the shape according to the number of family members and activities in the pool - smaller children's and refreshment pools, larger swimming pools for swimmers.