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SpecificationsTechnical information

Double-garage sheet metal in RAL color. A flat roof with a backward gradient or a saddle roof. The construction of the garage consists of a L-profile steel frame with a base protective coating. The walls and roof are made of hot-dip galvanized trapezoidal sheet, the walls are embedded on the frame of the garage, the roof is placed on thick profiled steel beams guaranteeing sufficient load bearing capacity, eg by snow. The garage is equipped with double-wing doors with its own lock and two keys. 

Metal garages are in the following variants:

  • sheet garage with rack (straight) or saddle roof in galvanized or colored design
  • the garages are standard with double-wing doors, and the door can be folded upside down
  • sheet metal garage can be raised to a height of 3m 
  • metal garage can be expanded to a width of 6m in or to deliver garage without limitation of width
  • metal garage can be delivered up to 7m in length

Free transport

Transport from the factory directly to our central warehouse where you can pick up the garage personally. For personal take-over and loading, the presence of min. two prolific people and a transport vehicle of appropriate dimensions. In the case of a personal takeover, the customer is responsible for loading himself. 

Transport to your home

The garage will be delivered directly to you by our cars with a specially modified trailer. The place of delivery must be accessible to the transport vehicle. We transport the metal garage by car with a trailer, see photo below. The place of delivery must be accessible and accessible to these vehicles. To less accessible places, we can deliver the metal garage on our terrain wagons. 

Garage accessories

We offer a wide range of optional accessories that can be retrofitted. These include, for example, a saddle roof, a hinged door, a professional installation of a garage, transport. You can find the full range of accessories at the bottom of this menu. For rebuilding, just insert the required accessories into the shopping cart.

Other important information


Advantages of sheet metal garages:

  • production of quality galvanized material
  • a wide range of colors, accessories, sizes and combinations
  • individual garages, double garages, garage
  • excellent structural and static parameters
  • low purchase price
  • Easy and fast assembly in just 1 day, without the use of heavy equipment
  • fast implementation without building permission
  • professional assembly and service
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