Everything about buying

Ordering procedure for finished (warehouse) products

  • Order at eshop

    All products can be ordered directly in our e-shop. We deliver our products throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
    Buyers in the Czech Republic order at www.hobbytec.cz , buyers in Slovakia order at www.hobbytec.sk

    • selection of goods - At the eshop you choose the goods that you are interested in, after clicking you will see the detailed information of your chosen goods.
    • choose quantity - Product detail contains information about technical parameters, material, color availability and product characteristics.Clicking on the "Put in cart" box will move your goods to your shopping cart. At this time it is a non-binding order, you can remove the goods from the basket again.
    • shopping cart - Move to basket by clicking the basket in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Shopping Cart Contents - Here are all the items you've entered so far. You can change the quantity you want or remove the goods.
    • delivery method and payment - You will see a choice of shipping method and payment under the list of all items. Here you choose how you wish to deliver your ordered goods and how it suits you to pay for the goods.
    • check the data in the order - Check all the details in the order. If everything is OK, please confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and click on the "Order" field.
    • order completed - This is how your order is completed and is considered a binding order.
  • Email order

    You can send an order via e-mail to: info@hobbytec.cz . , in Slovakia via info@hobbytec.sk

  • Phone Order

    Ordering is possible by phone on working days from 7am to 5pm.
    Call +420 840 810 810 (within the Czech Republic) or +421 908 989 729 (in Slovakia).

  • Order at the sales center

    The order can be made on working days right in the sales centers. In this case, we recommend that you contact us in advance and arrange an appointment with us. You can also arrange an appointment outside the opening hours or on weekends. Contact centers are listed HERE .

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Order processing and order processing

  • Order confirmation

    After sending the order, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. The receipt includes your selected goods, including information regarding payment terms. If you have selected a payment by transfer, the confirmation contains the necessary payment information.

  • Order Processing

    Goods in stock is ready to be dispatched from the central warehouse (for CR / SR) in Tehovec u Říčan most frequently the next business day after receiving the order. The average delivery time to the customer is 2-3 working days. When goods are shipped from an external warehouse, the delivery time is usually 3-5 business days. If the goods are not in stock, they are ordered from the supplier / manufacturer. In this case, a prepayment is required. We will notify you individually.

  • Delivery of the shipment to the carrier

    Information on the goods being handed over to the carrier will be provided by e-mail and SMS. Shipping is carried out by Toptrans. Delivery of consignments is throughout the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • Delivery of the shipment by courier service

    Before shipping the shipment, you will receive the information by SMS on when your shipment will be delivered to you. The exact delivery time can be arranged free of charge directly with the driver. In the case of cash on delivery, the payment is always paid in cash upon receipt of the shipment. The shipping cost, unless stated otherwise, is 199 CZK excluding VAT throughout the Czech Republic. Shipping to Slovakia is 11 € excluding VAT.

  • Personal take-over at the store

    Personal collection is possible within the opening hours of the demonstration and sales center after a prior agreement. The opening hours are HERE . Payment at the store is only in cash.

Ordering procedure for custom products (pergolas, shelters, conservatories ...)

  • Idea

    Obtaining a customer image
    The customer will send us your idea by e-mail. In order to design a suitable solution, we need to know your idea of ​​the dimensions, type of construction and roofing, place of delivery and contact information for you. Ideally, it is advisable to add this information to the current photo of the installation site. Send your inquiries via e-mail to info@hobbytec.cz , or by phone +420 840 810 810. We deliver the products on a turnkey basis, including assembly of the entire Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • Solution suggestions

    The information received will examine the received information and prepare a proposal for a possible solution according to the customer's ideas. The design solution contains exact specification, pricing and payment terms, delivery dates and other building readiness information.

  • Consultation

    Together, we will try to find the most appropriate solution. Consultation is possible both at the customer and in our showroom.

  • Comparison and selection

    When choosing, we recommend visiting our showroom, the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. You have a unique opportunity to compare different products. Learn more about the sample center HERE .

  • Order

    After the approval and approval of the solution, the order is signed.

  • Focus

    You will be visited by our technician with the aim of precisely targeting the product and answering any technical questions.

  • Preparation for delivery of the contract

    Almost all of our products need at least minimal building readiness. If the preparation is provided by the customer himself, the preparation is part of the order. Otherwise we will provide you with the delivery, including the building preparation.

  • Production

    Subsequently, the product goes into the production process. The delivery date is directly dependent on the target date.

  • Delivery

    Installation is carried out exclusively by our trained staff. The exact term is specified according to the delivery of the product from production to our warehouse and the schedule of assemblies.For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us because the offer processing and visit of our trader is FREE.

Please contact us for an order, consultation or offer

Czech Republic

Tel .: 840 810 810 E-mail: info@hobbytec.cz



Tel .: +421 908 989 729 E-mail: info@hobbytec.sk



Tel .: +48 602 443 368 E-mail: info@hobbytec.pl



Tel .: +496 571 929 223 E-mail: info@mygardenhome.de

We generally offer custom-made products within 48 hours of receiving them. If you do not receive the offer within the given deadline, please email us at trade@hobbytec.com

ShowroomThe largest showroom in the Czech Republic

Come see for yourself

Visit one of the largest show centers in the Czech Republic - Říčany near Prague and Holubice near Brno and choose from dozens of products.

You can expect to see:

  • The total floor space of all our showrooms together is 10 500 m2
  • A team of specialized sellers will help you
  • 58 exhibited products

HobbytecA Family Corporation

  • Customer satisfaction and product quality are our priorities. We strive to make products that provide joy and benefit to those who use them.
  • Assembly within the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    We are currently capable of providing assembly for our products to any location in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Design, Quality, Price

    Our products are the combination of timeless arrangement, quality materials, and prices unmatched anywhere on the market.
  • Largest showrooms in the Czech Republic

    We created the largest showrooms of their kind in the Czech Republic. We are located in Prague and Brno.
  • On-site production

    Our work is based on our own manufacturing This allows us to create tailor-made orders.
  • Widest assortment in the Czech Republic

    We provide our clients with a comprehensive offer of all our available products for the home and garden.