Pools for the garden

Bathing is associated with summer and not everyone has the time and the taste of going to a public swimming pool or pond. That's why it's up to you to buy swimming pools in the garden.  It's not a small investment, so it's good to think through it properly. 
If you buy swimming pools in the garden especially for children, then there is no need to choose an expensive recessed pool. The above-ground and half-open swimming pool is also good service. 

Types of Pool Pools:

Overground pools - small inflatable, foil, sheet metal 
Recessed pools - metal, all metal, laminate, acrylic, polypropylene

How to install? 

The construction of the swimming pool is not the easiest, so it is advisable to buy a pool from the company, which will also install it. It will advise you on taking care of the pool and choosing the shape and size. 
  • make sure that the pool area is totally flat, otherwise you will easily destroy the swimming pools in the garden
  • the surface must not be stones and dirt
  • the most practical is the correct placement of the foil, which can not be missed or left over
  • the correct involvement of pool equipment is important

Tips for swimming pools in the garden

  • choose the right place for the daytime sunbathing pool
  • do not place the pool under the trees, you will save on cleaning
  • The pool should be as close as possible to the house
  • Think about what you expect from the pool, select the size and shape accordingly
  • choose the right setting for the pool
  • swimming pool requires day care
  • have a pool and steps, cover plates, lighting and other accessories
  • solar collectors and heat pumps will prolong the bathing season
  • choose a pool with a long guarantee