Pools on a turnkey basis

Are you looking for a pool, but you can not do it yourself? The solution is a swimming pool. How is it going? 

1) Pool selection

As a first step you need to choose the shape of the pool: 
  • rectangular pool - is the most popular type among turn-key pools. Make the most of the space, it can be roofed. There is the easiest landscaping. 
  • round swimming pool - suited for small gardens
  • oval pool - not very practical, offering a nice design
You can also choose a range of atypical shapes, also do not forget about the accessory to the pool. We will be happy to help with the selection.

Accessories for pools on a turnkey basis

  • stairs or ladder
  • sand filtration
  • skimmer
  • Inlet nozzles
  • material and accessories for swimming pool operation and connection
  • above-standard accessories - counter current, solar heating, pool vacuum cleaners, 

2) Order

Have you chosen a suitable type of pool? Then it is enough to create an order and a non-binding calculation for turn-key pools. Workers quickly contact you, you can ask for more questions. If you agree to the price, you can make a binding order.

3) Implementation

Before the turn-key pools are built, it is usually necessary to make building preparations that can also be ordered or made self-help. Also, pool base is made, it is necessary to prepare shaft filtration. Count on the possible pool roofing. 
Quality turn-key pools will serve you for many years. You need to choose the right material, consider whether you need a recessed pool in the ground. If you use it only occasionally and especially for children. You can no longer move or move the recessed pool into the country. After the swimming pool is connected, you will not have anything to do with the pool. So choose also the right location in the sun and near the house, outside the fence, through which you can see from the public road.