Pools to the ground

Garden pools can be divided into pools in the country, half-open and above-ground pools. Every pool has its pros and cons. Select the pool to suit your requirements. 
Pools in the country can be used for outdoor use, but also in winter gardens as indoor pools.  It offers great visual appeal, enhances the architectural value of the property and is well suited to the garden. The swimming pool in the ground is easy to cover, so the water in the pool will stay cleaner, the children and animals will not fall into the water and will prolong the bathing season for the next months. The swimming pool can have built-in counterflow, which is especially welcome to swimmers. 
The disadvantage of the recessed pool is its immobility. Once you put it in a country you can not move it. Therefore, consider carefully the appropriate location for the pool location. Count on the higher purchase price. 

What material? 

Depending on the material used, the pools are divided into:
  • concrete, sheet, laminate, stainless, ceramic
To make your pool really happy, choose the appropriate shape, material and size. Depending on how you choose the material, the life of the pool depends on it. 
Folial and plastic pools in the ground - will last for about 10 years. If you want a pool with unlimited life, then it is suitable stainless steel. The disadvantage is too high the purchase price. The ceramic pool is a laminate pool with a layer of ceramics in the structure. Laminate and fiberglass pools are among the most popular, offering a good quality / price ratio. They are not expensive to fit into the ground. 

What shape of the pool?

Many swimming pools offer a very appealing form, but after a few weeks you can see that this type of swimming pool does not even suit you. So think not only about the look, but also the functionality of the pool. 
A rounded pool in the ground - not suitable for swimming, is difficult to cover
Oval pool - it offers the possibility of swimming, it has a pleasant look, you have to cover the unused corner
The swiming pool - is suitable for swimming and playing the entire family. Make the most of the space and easily cover it