Pools with a solid wall

Getting a pool is not impossible today. Due to the wide range of shapes, types and materials, even simple. Popular favorites include solid wall pools that can be used as a "test pool" where the family will try to find out whether it suits to have a pool in the garden or not. 
Pools with fixed walls are not financially expensive and are also not demanding for installation and subsequent operation. To have clean water, it is advisable to take pool filtration and pool pooling to keep water free of dirt and bacteria. 
The pool with a solid wall is not too deep, so do not float in it, you will use it for refreshing on hot summer days. There are also variants for the smallest children that serve them as a paddling pool. You can choose different shapes. 
To place a solid wall pool, you need to have a balanced base. It can be placed on geotextile or just on tiles. The substrate must not be made of stones or gravel to prevent the pool from rupturing. With an adequate wintering, you can have an outdoor pool outdoors all year round. You need to hibernate it properly - clean the accessories, disconnect the filter, keep it free from frost. 

Depending on the size of the pool area in the garden, you can also choose the appropriate size of the pool. The right depth of the pool with a solid wall is chosen with respect to the children. After all, children are the most frequent visitors to the pool. 
Solid wall pools are made of hardened PVC, have a solid vinyl bottom, assembly is very simple. You inflate the top of the water and start pumping water, so the pool itself builds and shapes itself. Thanks to the soft surface, there are no injuries to your loved ones. 
The pool can be drained, dried and stored after winter. With the right care will last for several years.