Prefabricated and mobile homes
We build prefabricated and mobile homes according to customer requirements, both according to type projects with regular modifications such as shifting partitions, changing the location of windows, doors, as well as changing the layout of individual rooms.

Upon request, we are able to ensure the construction of individual projects that the customer delivers on his own. In addition, we provide the construction of almost all houses from the largest project office of spol. The G-Service we are a partner of. We provide a complete service from the project to the realization of the construction of family houses on a turnkey basis. 
Detailed information about the projects, their modifications, project prices and other important information can be found HERE
As one of the few you will be able to explore 7 different types of family houses and new mobile homes in one place. At our demonstration center in Tehovec near Říčany you have a unique opportunity to compare several different building technologies. All 7 houses are seen after a previous agreement in Tehovec u Říčan.

For more information, please contact us or arrange a meeting with our regional sales representatives in business centers
  1. Mobile house for year-round living Superior series in size 40m2. More about house HERE
  2. Assembled ground floor house Hobbytec in the size of 60 m2 of SIP panels. More about the house HERE
  3. Mobile home of 40m2 of high strength concrete from the German manufacturer Rekers. More information HERE
  4. Mobile office 36m2 from panel prefabricate. Tour HERE . More information HERE
  5. The family-run house is decorated with Lyra series of 250m2 of cement-foam bricks. More information HERE
  6. Ground floor family house Axor series of bricks in size 94m2. More information HERE
  7. Luxury prefabricated family house of 350m2 modified Largo series of prefabricated panels. Tour HERE

More information: 840 810 810 or

Manufacture of mobile homes

We only supply certified products to our climatic conditions. We offer several design types of technology, design and price relationships. You can have houses from the panel sandwich system SIP (building insulation panels), One Trade sandwich system or concrete prefabricates from the German manufacturer Rekers. The choice is up to you. Manufacturing of mobile homes is the ideal way to make fast and affordable housing. 

Mobile buildings and houses are designed for a wide range of uses - permanent housing, recreational buildings, production and office spaces, sports and storage halls, Clearly the biggest advantage of mobile buildings is the rapid possibility of their relocation, installation. 

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ShowroomThe largest showroom in the Czech Republic

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Visit one of the largest show centers in the Czech Republic - Říčany near Prague and Holubice near Brno and choose from dozens of products.

You can expect to see:

  • The total floor space of all our showrooms together is 10 500 m2
  • A team of specialized sellers will help you
  • 58 exhibited products

HobbytecA Family Corporation

  • Customer satisfaction and product quality are our priorities. We strive to make products that provide joy and benefit to those who use them.
  • Assembly within the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    We are currently capable of providing assembly for our products to any location in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Design, Quality, Price

    Our products are the combination of timeless arrangement, quality materials, and prices unmatched anywhere on the market.
  • Largest showrooms in the Czech Republic

    We created the largest showrooms of their kind in the Czech Republic. We are located in Prague and Brno.
  • On-site production

    Our work is based on our own manufacturing This allows us to create tailor-made orders.
  • Widest assortment in the Czech Republic

    We provide our clients with a comprehensive offer of all our available products for the home and garden.