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Jumpou we call a non-effluent tanks designed to collect household waste water. The cesspool is used in places where no sewer system is built or connected to a sewerage network with a sewage treatment plant. The cesspool is most often made of iron-concrete, where iron is the skeleton of the entire cesspool. Thanks to quality concrete, its water resistance is ensured. It can also be encountered with a low-weight plastic cavity, but it is often necessary to overwhelm it so that it does not discharge the ground water. The cesspool is made of one chamber, two and three chamber, in different volumes. Three-chamber cesspool is used for septic tanks. When choosing a cesspool, it is necessary to take into account how many people it will use, such as the average daily water consumption in liters per person and the daily cavity balancing interval. The cesspool must be certified with a waterproofing certificate to be certified by the relevant building authority.