What are solid heat-insulating materials

Solid heat insulating materials are, for example, polystyrene, foam and extruded, polyurethane. These solid materials have high strength, they are also suitable for use in humid environments, they are easy to process. Polystyrene does not have volume changes, it also offers a wide range of uses. The disadvantage is that the material is not environmentally friendly, it is sensitive to organic solvents. The application of heat insulating materials will affect to a large extent the whole quality of the building. Thermally insulating materials are, for example, foam (extruded polystyrene), mineral wool, natural insulating materials such as hemp, which is a rapidly renewable technical plant, and may be cellulosic heat insulating materials made from recycled newspaper paper, additives which are resistant against pests, molds, fire and rot. Among the traditional materials, the straw used by our ancestors also returns.