What are the blinds

Venetian blinds are one of a set of horizontal or vertical slats that shields an opening such as windows or doors. Made from fabric, metal, wood or bamboo.  They are used to shade interiors, air conditioning vents, coolers, to control the passage of light and air. There are several types of blinds - horizontal - interdental, interior, for plastic windows, vertical - cloth, plastic, wooden, collapsible or uncovered.

Horizontal blinds are suitable for plastic windows, wooden and euro windows. They consist of lamellae which form a rope ladder so that they overlap one another when tilting the lamellae. The lamellae are perforated, the holes are guided by textile strips. The control is manual or electric. Vertical blinds are suitable for atypical windows, large areas, most commonly used in offices. They are controlled by a chain or cord. A special option is a pleated blind, which is an interior blind that has a pleated fabric instead of an aluminum lamella that is stretched between two aluminum profiles.