What are the construction adjustments

The term "building modifications" covers the type of modifications in which the external ground and height limits of the building are preserved, as in the case of rebuilding, fitting-out, interior fitting of buildings, but also in the case of a substantial change in the appearance of the building. Construction work, ie reconstruction, requires thorough preparation, especially as regards the progress of work in accordance with the valid legislation and the requirements of the building office. The term construction is included in the law and includes the reconstruction of modernization of houses, flats, apartment buildings and non-residential units.  In the case of building modifications, there are situations where a building permit is required, a notification is sufficient, or one of the variants is not needed. Building permits do not require those building modifications, when they do not interfere with the structure of the building and at the same time do not change the purpose of using the building. These include painting rooms, laying tiles or reconstructing old floors.