What are the masonry elements

The building elements are building materials. You can choose from many materials such as concrete, sandwich panels, masonry, brickwork, complex building systems that require exact adherence to the manufacturer's recommended technology. The specification of the brazed masonry elements is summarized in the European Standard EN 771-1. These include burnt wall elements for use in protected and unprotected masonry.  The masonry is formed by a grouping of masonry elements arranged according to a given arrangement, usually joined by mortar. The building elements are also burnt ceramic and lime bricks, stone blocks or artificial stone elements. It does not include unburnt bricks and untreated stone elements. The selected masonry elements affect the stability and the climate, the life and the value of the entire house. During the use of the house, the masonry can not be replaced, so it is necessary to choose a suitable material for building a house.