What are the palms

The floorboards are panels made of solid wood. They are milled into different profiles, thicknesses and lengths. The floorboards fit both indoors and outdoors. They are used to cover ceilings, floors, staircases, ceilings, facades, areas, roofs. Floorboards are sold in the form of classic, tatran, s-profile, farm profile, diagonal, log profile. Coniferous wood, as well as oak, beech and other hardwoods, are used to produce the board. 

The decks are dried to + -12% according to the ČSN standard. The standard classifies the floorboards in three classes according to quality, namely A, B, C. These quality grades can be combined in any way. They must always meet the ultimate purpose for which they are ready. The parts must have the same shape, dimension and machining. Floors must be treated with varnish that protects them from weathering. They are used to paint, oil waxes. The coating is applied a few days after the floorboards are laid in the interior.