What is a bench

Bench is a type of seating furniture that can accommodate more people. It is located outdoors - in private gardens (under a tree, pergola , gazebo , pond or fountain ...) even in public areas ( squares , parks, railway stations, bus stops , playgrounds , cycling trails ...). The garden bench is designed to relax and unwind in the fresh air , or to meet and sit with friends. The most common material is wood and metal, but it can also be made from plastics, concrete or stone.

The bench can have armrests on the edges, but in public areas, benches without side supports are used. This kind of garden furniture is mostly made of a solid metal structure on which wooden slats of any width are mounted. A smaller number of wider lamellas facilitates subsequent maintenance when removing, grinding and lacquering of the wooden parts.

The shape of the seat portion may be straight or anatomically shaped. The bench can be made of simple laths or variously decorated , for example metallic. Most often, it has a backrest , but for the greatest savings in space in the area where many people sit (outdoor concerts and cultural performances - auditorium, benches at party tables ...), benches without back supports are placed.