What is a brick

Face brick is made of brick clay and is fired in a furnace at a high heat of about 1200 degrees Celsius, and thus it gets different shades. It is characterized by its great strength, so it can also be used on pavements and paths in the garden, plinths, fences, interiors, fireplaces, facades or sandwich masonry.  Face brick has a smooth surface and absorption is 6-20%. 

WF = waalformat - an internationally standardized bricklayer unit. 1 WF with dimensions 210x100x50 mm. Face bricks are used primarily in Western and Northern Europe and also in the US. The WDF (215x100x65mm) and NF (240x102x71mm) dimensions are also used in the Czech Republic.  Face brick is very easy to maintain, is frost-resistant, durable, durable, has excellent acoustic properties, is resistant to fire and especially ecologically safe. Face bricks are divided into embossed, drawn.