What is a family home

A family house is a building intended for the housing of several persons who usually form a family. It can be different in size, either ground-level or multi-storey, usually up to three above-ground floors and one underground. The top floor can be attic type. A family house can have one or a few separate housing units - there are often two-generation houses where one family lives in one part of the house and the other part is a parent's spouse.

With regard to the type of house according to the urban structure - it can be stand alone, doubled, terraced house. Most often the owner of the property lives directly in the house, in rare cases rented the house. In case of renting a house, the owner of the property can also live in one dwelling unit and rent another one. The interior of the house with various furnishings and home accessories is a household

In addition to the classical facilities (kitchen, bathroom, WC and different number of rooms), the family house also has, as a rule, more options for storing seasonal items - unlike the flat in an apartment house. The family house also usually surrounds a large plot of land that the inhabitants use in a variety of ways - garden, fruit, vegetable, plant, children's play area , relaxation area with a pergola or gazebo , a carport or a garage . Recently, mobile family houses are very popular.