What is a garage

The garage is a separate building or a specially adapted room for parking motor vehicles . It can stand at terrain level, or underground. It is built entirely alone or stands by the wall of the house or is part of it. The size and appearance of the garage each chooses according to the financial and spatial options, depending on what everything in the garage needs to be stored (possibly also have a workshop and store of tools ) and the overall appearance of the exterior

Garage or double garage can be made of various materials - wood , metal-free garage or plaster , concrete garage . It is also possible to buy tarpauling garages or motorbike garages . Like the houses, you can also make turn-key garages .

An alternative (whether financial or spatial) to the garage is a carport . Sheds can also be arranged side by side to build a shelter for two cars or a series of parking spaces in public spaces or in companies.