What is a gazebo

The altar is a smaller building, usually located in the middle of the garden or in the park, etc. They serve mainly as a rest and as a decorative element. The shrine is also sometimes called the "gazebo". In architecture, this type of construction began to expand in the 18th and 19th centuries and currently has an important place among garden shelters . It provides seating on garden furniture in a pleasant shade surrounded by nature. It is an airy roofed structure, usually with partially enclosed side walls.

If you decide to build a small gazebo on your land, you do not have to apply for a building permit if the built-up area does not exceed 25 m2. You only need to apply for a territorial consent or decision.

Altanas are most often made of wood , especially if they are to perform a decorative function. Aluminum pavilions , which are especially popular for their maintenance-free operation, are currently on the market. There are also cheap tarpaulins that can be moved as needed.