What is a land-use plan

The Territorial Plan is a type of land-use planning documentation in which the objective is to achieve rationalization of the spatial and functional arrangement of the territory in the given landscape and its use.

The aim of the Territorial Plan is to find the preconditions that will allow for further construction and sustainable development, which is to find a balance between the environment, the economy and the people living in the given area. It should meet the needs of the present generation with regard to the existence and survival of the next generations.

The land plan is being prepared in the Czech Republic on the basis of Building Act 183/2006 Coll. It is issued by the municipal council, it becomes effective on the fifteenth day after the date of publication of the public notice on the official board. The Territorial Plan is made up of a sentence and a justification. Drawing documentation is published at a scale of 1: 5,000 or 1: 10,000. It is issued on the basis of territorial analytical data, surveys, analyzes of a given territory or on the basis of territorial studies.  The regional plan is considered by the regional authority, by which the land-use plan is submitted to the landlord.