What is a passive house

Passive House is a type of building that meets stringent energy savings criteria when running a house. Passive house construction is an important chapter in designing and designing a new building or reconstruction of an existing house. Originally passive houses were preceded by houses with a concept of solar systems. The first passive houses were built in 1990 in Germany. Passive houses have to meet several requirements - the annual heat consumption for heating is less than 15 kWh per m2 of living space, the annual primary energy consumption is less than 120 kWh / m2 of living space. Improved Passive House Technology is a zero-energy house with minimal energy intensity. The house must have an orientation on the land on the southern side where the most sunshine is, the facade must not be overshadowed. Local resources such as forest and solar energy are used. The wooden construction of the house is quick to build, easy to install, easy to apply thermal insulation. However, brick and brick structures are also used.