What is a plasterboard

Plasterboard or gypsum boards are used to build internal walls and ceilings using panels of molded gypsum between two thick paper cartons. The slabs are dried in the driers. Some types of boards have a core silicone-impregnated. They are designed for rooms that are exposed to moisture.

Plasterboard is the fastest way of construction with dry construction. It is possible to build the partitions, insulate and realize the reconstruction in the interior very quickly.  The plaster board is made of paper, the inner core forms a hemihydrate in the form of calcium sulphate and raw gypsum. The mixture is mixed with fibers, plasticizers, foams, finely ground gypsum and other substances to prevent mold formation and increase fire resistance.  Plasterboard has good thermal and sound insulation, has fire resistance, it is mounted on steel thin-walled profiles.