What is a rafter

Rusting means a static and structural system that is used for supporting structures, especially trusses and bridges. Rack is a type of rod construction with hinged or rigid joints. The sloping struts support the horizontal support element at multiple points and shorten its span.  The use of a rafter ensures higher load capacity or exceeds a larger span. In this way, additional space available under the hambalk can be obtained from the trusses. It is suitable for a residential attic. 

Similar elements are the tower and the stirrup.  A number of different joints are used - for carpentry and wooden constructions, it is carpentry joints, from a static point of view, articulated joints.  For concrete bridges, the struts are connected to a horizontal beam by insertion.  According to the suspicion and layout of the rafter, the strut is divided into a simple one where the struts meet in the middle of the horizontal beam and the double beam in which the beam is supported by struts in two places, among them a short beam and a triple which is a combination of double and simple rafter. Horizontal beam is supported here at three points.