What is a snowmobile

The Snow Snapper helps capture the melting and falling snow from the roofs. The decision as to where and how to place snow cover in the roof area must be shared between the designer and the implementation firm and the investor. The decisive factor for the use of the snow cap is the safety aspect. It is determined by the standard ČSN 73 19 01 and proposes their placement especially with regard to safety and health protection. Snow grippers are placed where there is a risk of falling snow from the roof and pedestrians or surrounding structures are at risk, where snow accumulates as a result of its shifting over the roof, where snowflakes hold snow across the roof.  The snow cap prevents snow falling from the roof, funguej as a barrier and protection of the elements that protrude above the plane of the roof, drifts the snow. Aspect is the shape and slope of the roof, the snow area and the location of the particular object. Depending on the shape, the snow cap is divided into a universal, pole, paddle, wooden log, lattice or an anti-roll hook.