What is a stiffening wreath

A reinforcing wreath or a wreath is a building structure that prevents the wall from wading. It has a bearing and anchor function. In its execution it is necessary that it be stretched from one corner of the house to another. The stiffening garland stiffens the building in a horizontal direction. It captures tensile force in vertical structures and distributes loads evenly.

Thanks to the wreath, uneven masonry is prevented. The reinforcing wreath is used in foundation structures, supporting walls , in residential and civil construction, in industrial buildings or in special buildings such as bridges, tunnels or dams. The construction is static, it must correctly transmit the effects of pressure and tensile forces. The reinforcing wreath consists of concrete and steel reinforcement. The reinforcement is made of longitudinal members and stirrups of rectangular or square shape. Steel has high tensile strength, the concrete itself would not be able to transfer the tensile forces, so it is combined with a steel reinforcement. On the outside, the stiffening ring is provided with thermal insulation with a thickness of 0-140 mm.