What is a stucco

Stucco is made up of a mixture of sand, lime and plaster or cement and is used as the top of the plaster. The stucco has a paste-like consistency and after hardening it is hard and brittle.  Stucco is also used for wall decoration. At present, a plaster is called a plaster, which has grains of up to 1.5 mm in grain size. It is applied to the core plaster to achieve the final surface of the plaster. It is essentially done by filing. Stucco is the most popular method of surface treatment of plasters in the interior .  Fine stucco plaster in the 1990s completely pushed the classic mortar that was made directly on the construction site. Stucco is based on lime, lime, plaster and cement. The building is divided by the stucco and the painting.