What is a type project?

The typical project of the house is a tried and tested project, usually offering traditional solutions.  For a type project, the customer knows in advance what he is buying. Typical projects are included, for example, in the catalogs of construction companies.  The type project can be tailored to the needs of the customer, however, every change is usually posted.  Typical project includes location on site, fire report, connection to utility networks, energy performance certificate of the building, distribution of heating, electricity and ventilation. All of this documentation serves as a basis for building permits. When selecting a type project, you need to know how much you have available. This question affects the choice of the house, its size and comfort. It also depends on how you have a parcel.  Its shape, size and orientation on the world sides, as well as the access path and potential protection zones will greatly affect the family house itself. In the case of sloping land, a type project is inappropriate.