What is a window

The window is a building bore . It allows the daylight to be released inside the house or apartment, as well as the possibility of ventilating and mediating people's contact with the environment. The window consists of a frame, which can be plastic, wooden or aluminum, and glass fillings (nowadays, an insulating double glazing or a triple glazing). The windows are part of houses, garages , halls and garden houses

The windows can be single or double winged or triple . Plates are solid or split on the pane. Depending on the type of opening, they are divided into fixed, open, tiltable, sliding, or these functions can be combined.

As the glass penetrates from the outside more cold than over the walls, in recent years it has been an effort to obtain a window filler with the best thermal and sound insulation. The quality of profiles and window assemblies also influence the thermoinsulation function. Winter gardens have walls made essentially of windows that can be made of glass or polycarbonate

Another type of filling of the building holes is the door.