What is a winter garden?

The winter garden is an area that is designed to grow flowers. It can serve for ornamental purposes, but can also be used for growing edible fruits. The winter garden also serves as an additional living space that allows the use of solar energy. The winter garden is covered, glazed part of the house, which extends the living space.  It can also be considered as a separate building. It can be used as a living room, study, representative room, greenhouse, swimming pool enclosure, terraces or as an energy system after placing solar panels. There are also no winter gardens with a swimming pool and a variety of flowers. According to the materials, you can choose a brick, wooden or aluminum winter garden.Glass is plastic, security and roofing is most often solved by polycarbonate, which has good light transmission and is very light. The winter garden is a demanding building and should be preceded by consultation with the architect. The solution is tailored to modern winter gardens and modular winter gardens , which are very cheap.