What is an odor lock

A trap seal or odor trap or siphon prevents sewer air from penetrating through the object into the room. All waste is provided with the trap seal. They are made up of 5-8 cm of water, which prevents the penetration of odor. The device then operates on the principle of connected vessels. The smell closures exist in several types - integrated into the fitting object, when the drainage of the sink or toilet is formed. Another type of smell closures are for the sink or sink. They are cylindrical or flat in shape. The last tip is pipe closures, which are assembled fittings that create the required water column. It is divided according to the type of S and U.  The trap seal is an indispensable element of the inner pipe. If used in a cottage or cottage used only during the summer, it must be drained for the winter to avoid freezing and subsequent rupture of this odor closure. Care should also be taken not to raise the level too much in case of overpressure in the sewer system.