What is expropriation?

Expropriation is a special type of administrative procedure. It is governed by the Building Law and is executed by the Building Authority. Expropriation proceedings shall be initiated only on the basis of a proposal which may be filed by a state administration body, a natural or legal person who has the object of expropriation to use for the purpose for which the expropriation takes place. 

Expropriation means the revocation or limitation of the right of ownership or the right corresponding to the burden of the land or the construction and transfer of ownership. The appropriate financial compensation is granted for the revocation or limitation of the right of ownership.  Expropriation is possible only for the purpose of expropriation, which is determined by a special law and only if the public interest in achieving this purpose outweighs the preservation of the existing rights of the expropriated. Expropriation is not possible if the property rights can be obtained by agreement or otherwise.  The public interest is demonstrated in the expropriation proceedings.