What is fireclay

Firebrick had previously been called a chamotte. It is a refractory mass used to reinforce furnaces, stoves and other products that have to withstand high heat. Fire is made up of 25% alumina, 55% silicon dioxide, and the remainder contains iron, titanium, zirconium, calcium, magnesium.

The plastic insert is clays and kaolins and cranks that serve as a sharpening and from blasting clays as binders.  Thanks to these impurities, the fire is white, gray, rusty to black.  Heat loss should not exceed 10%. Powder chamotte is made with an admixture of water glass that cure it.

Fireclay is made from the flames and comes in the form of chamotte mortar or bricks. Finished products are dried and baked in ovens at 1200 degrees Celsius. Fire protection has a water absorption of 8-16%, a compressive strength of 10-40 MPa. It is resistant to aggressive substances.