What is furniture?

Furniture is one of the main functionalities of households , but also of commercial space such as shops or offices. It is divided into several types according to its functions - storage furniture (cabinet), sitting, lying, dining.

The storage space and the cabinets are made especially by the size of the space where they are placed, by the number of things they need to store, and last but not least by design. Furniture has a major influence on the design of the entire apartment, so it is very carefully chosen.

Among seats include seats in the living room, interior and garden chairs , benches and the like. Sofabed beds are the beds , couch, chairs . Everything can also be purchased indoors or outdoors. Dinner furniture includes mainly tables and dining sets, both indoors and outdoors ; dining sets in the garden or under the pergola can be purchased in many material and design versions.

The most common material for furniture production has been wood for centuries. Additional materials are added to it, such as metal for opening handles, upholstery fabrics, glass for fillings. However, there are also metal , plastic or rattan furniture. Garden furniture is a separate chapter in this area because outdoor use requires more durable materials with good surface finish.