What is the greening of the roof

Elevated roofs are not only for environmental activists. Roofing has many advantages, and it is a very attractive solution. It is divided into extensive and intensive planting. Extensive landscaping is very simple, using unpretentious flowers and grasses. Intensive, on the contrary, is used where trees and bushes can be grown on the roof. The basis for the greening of the roof is the Liapor, Liadrain and Liaflor building materials. What is important is the load-bearing capacity of the roof structure, what purpose the green roof will have. Green roofs extend the life of the waterproofing layer, protect the roof from UV rays and extreme temperature differences. Green roofs improve the thermal insulation of the building, resulting in a significant reduction in the cost of heating or air conditioning. It also reduces the drain water drain by up to 50%. The rainwater flows away gradually. It is necessary to observe the correct composition of individual layers on the finished roof. Perennials or grasses are used for greening the roofs and have the ability to successfully withstand drought. The height of the soil is 12-20 cm. There is also a carport or garage shed