What is the height of the floors

The height of the floor is the clear height of the room including the thickness of the ceiling and floor construction that is above that room.  What is the height of the storeys or the height of the room is determined by the standard SN 734301. The height of individual rooms is calculated as the clear height and the dimension is between the floor and the lowest point of the ceiling. The floor height is different throughout the house. The rooms and entrance areas of the family house are 2100 mm, drying rooms, laundries - 2300 mm, living rooms in the attic - 2300 mm, living rooms of family houses 2500 mm and in apartment buildings 2600 mm.  If you want to rebuild an older cottage or a house to a permanent home, the height of the floor is often a stumbling block. Due to the low ceiling height, the building office will not allow you to use this property for permanent housing.