What is the lifetime of a building

The useful life of a building is a very important asset, especially when valuing buildings. Durability is closely related to wear. Exact lifetime of a building can not be determined. It is divided into economic, technical, moral and legal life. The technical lifetime is closely related to the individual design elements, their functionality. Each building consists of many materials and elements that have a different lifetime.

The lifetime of a building is influenced by the way of building, design and construction solutions, by the technological design, the way and the intensity of the use of the building, the implementation or non-implementation of regular maintenance, the overhaul or modernization. An important concept is the expected lifetime. This can be assumed thanks to knowledge of structures and materials used. For example, for a well-built residential building, it is possible to count life of up to 300 years, for public buildings 400 or more. It's about 100 years old for wooden houses