What is the public infrastructure of land and buildings?

The public infrastructure of the land and buildings is the road infrastructure, the waterways, the airports, and the related facilities, as well as the management and buildings that serve their technical equipment such as water supply, sewage, waste management, energy management, and civil equipment and buildings related to education and education, social and health services, culture, public administration and the protection of the population.  Infrastructure solutions are based on public infrastructure and land-use planning.  The territorial conditions for the cohesion of the community of the inhabitants of the given territory are most related to it. The quality of the living conditions of the population is influenced by the technical infrastructure

The importance of public infrastructure lies in the public facilities, their management, maintenance and development, which then relate to other requirements in order to facilitate the transport of people and goods, provide drinking and technical use, secure municipal waste management, energy and to transmit important information within and between communities.