What is the selected activity under construction

The selected activity under construction is such an activity, the result of which will affect the protection of public interests in construction. It may be exercised exclusively by natural persons who have been authorized to perform them under special legal regulations. This includes project activities in the construction sector, such as the preparation of land-use planning documentation, territorial studies, documentation for the issuance of a territorial decision and the conclusion of public contracts that replace the territorial decision, as well as the project documentation, expert management of the construction and its change. The designer is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the above-mentioned project documentation and spatial studies, especially the reselecting of the requirements for the protection of public interests and their coordination. The selected activity under construction is regulated by the Building Act of the Czech Republic. § 158. During construction, activities are carried out, where increased protection of the public interest is necessary. Therefore, only the above-defined group of persons can do so.