What is the use of buildings

The most important point in the construction process is the permitting of the use of the buildings for their purpose, ie the approval.  The issue of the use of buildings is enshrined in Part 4 of the Act entitled Building Regulations, called Building Usage, and is applicable to it §119 -127.  It covers all issues ranging from the building permit to the final approval. 

The use of buildings is carried out by means of final building approval before the use of a new building, reconstruction or modification of the purpose of its use has been started. Most completed buildings can only be used on the basis of a notice to the building office. In order to give consent to the use of buildings, the building must meet the technical and safety conditions in which the house must be perfectly prepared in order not to endanger the destruction of life and health.

A number of documents need to be documented for approval, including a construction project, geodetic construction, all revision reports, radon measurements, building diary and more. In case there is no need for a regular endorsement, the owner must be at least 30 days in advance