What is urbanism?

Urbanism is a discipline that aims to create and develop cities and villages to be functional and balanced entities.  Urban planning involves the layout of settlements, their parts and the adjoining parts of the landscape, which freely builds on architecture.  Urbanism is part of the doctrine of urban life and culture.  Modern cities can not do without modern planning. Everything must be designed as functional and balanced structures. In Bohemia, a typical example of Urbanism in Zlín, designed by František Lydie Gahura, a city architect. Cities of the future are those that are perfectly balanced in terms of transport, work, housing, but also entertainment and monuments. Company needs and requirements are constantly evolving, and urbanism is a rare example.  Urbanist composition is based on landscape relief, natural and constructional dominance, preserved historical values ​​of the site, elements that support spatial orientation, other properties of the manor and landscape.