What is xylolite flooring?

Xylolite floor is a self-supporting floor made of wood sawdust and binder. Implicit xylolite floors are damp and hot. The sawdust, which is contained in it, swells with moisture, on the contrary, they dry and shrink.  The result is cracks, cavities, and outbursts. These can be masked with a sealant consisting of bone glue, fine sawdust, floating chalk and dye. Repair of gypsum and cement mortar. Xylolite flooring has been widely used fifty years ago, and today it is almost unused.  The basis was the building mass formed by blending magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride solution with the addition of fine-grained organic fillers and dyes. The floor has been used as a base for linoleum, to cover walls and stairs in interiors. It was applied to concrete, brick and wood flooring. The topsheet was natural or colored.