What is breeze

Window is a wooden element that is nailed to the underside of the rafters obliquely to the edge of the gutter, serving as a longitudinal bracing at the trusses in the crown system. Especially for wooden constructions it must be well designed. It is designed to give any type of construction maximum stiffness. Vibration prevents vertical design elements from deflection, which could also lead to collapse of the structure. It can also be solved in the form of struts and pulls. In a wooden building, you can see vents in the form of sloping beams or stiff plates, steel, flat or cable rods, perforated strips. It must be diagonally positioned diagonally to the vertical supporting members. Care should be taken not to have a too sharp or too obtuse angle with the vertical elements. Poor ventilation can cause movements in the structure, resulting in dysfunction of window and door openings, or window pop-up cracks.