What is the basis

The base of the house is built on the base plate or on the base strips. The base of the house must be completely flat and accurate. All inequalities in time have many complications, such as material price increases, complicated laying of insulation, and so on. Creating a home foundation does not last for more than four days from the moment you first dig into the ground.  The base belts are generally concreted to the ground level. For prefabricated wooden constructions, the straight foundation is important for mounting other house constructions. The main function of the foundations is to transfer the loads of the walls and columns to the foundation soil in such a way as to prevent disturbances and unwanted structural deformations. The basis is then proposed according to the limit state of the bearing capacity of the foundation soil and the limit state of strain. Deep basin is used where the bearing soil is not at the depth available and / or the construction of flat foundations is considerably uneconomic.